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28 Dec 2017

Bond Bryan at BIM Show Live 2018

Introduction Last year I decided to take a break from presenting at BIM Show Live. I subsequently won the ‘wooden spoon’ for not being ‘bothered to enter a submission’. Ooopss!! So I thought I better submit something this year!! Instead of just one submission though, Bond Bryan have 3 presentations at BIM Show Live 2018! There will be two from me and one from my Bond Bryan colleague Rosey Alexander (Associate), who will share her story of how she is engaging and helping develop staff’s skills at Bond Bryan Architects. Below is more information about each of these classes.

A Fistful Of IFC (The Director’s Cut) Who: Rob Jackson (Associate Director) with Nigel Davies and Daniel Heselwood (of Evolve Consultancy) When: Day 1 – 14:00 in the Data stream First I’ll be presenting ‘IFC: A Fistful Of IFC (The Director’s Cut)’ with Nigel Davies and Daniel Heselwood of Evolve Consultancy. Here is the synopsis: “A Fistful of IFC is the first presentation of its kind. It won’t be the last! Industry Foundation Classes are a fundamental building block of OpenBIM. IFC requires a whole new skillset and level of understanding to enable a reliable flow of robust geometry and data. The only real way to appreciate the importance of well-formatted IFC and understand how best to export and import models is to do it. That’s why this ambitious session, presented by three of the UK’s IFC experts is one not to miss. Nigel Davies and Daniel Heselwood (Evolve Consultancy) and Rob Jackson (Bond Bryan Digital) follow up their BIM Show Live 2013 box office smash “The Good, The Bad, The Ugly” with a demonstration of everything you need to know to exchange models and data between the top three BIM authoring tools. Taking the role of stakeholders on a BIM Level 2 project somewhere near the Mexican border, they will work through the essentials of collaborative modelling, the settings and considerations for consistent IFC, before validating their information to meet the Common Data Environment requirements of BS1192. You will discover the reality of today’s information exchanges and how open BIM actually is. You will learn how to maximise the effectiveness of your chosen authoring tool, be it Bentley AECOsim, GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD or Autodesk Revit. You will learn why validation is so important. This isn’t a power struggle between the design team consultants, this is collaborative exchange of data. This is A Fistful Of IFC.” This is a somewhat crazy attempt to show a whole workflow using open standards with a bit of fun theme thrown in. Whilst the session is lighthearted it will be full of useful information for those using open standards to deliver projects. Note: this session is a little longer than the slightly mad paced one we delivered at Digital Construction Week this year! Also we hope everyone can hear us this time after half of our attendees last time still watched the whole presentation with no sound!!

BIM Biscuits: Fuel your BIM Who: Rosey Alexander (Associate) When: Day 1 – 14:00 in the Stories stream On at the same time as our IFC class above (so you’ll have to chose!) is Rosey’s session. Her synopsis: “People are more important than process & technology. BIM affects every Tom, Dick and Margaret in the construction industry. In all roles; both established ones, and new roles we haven’t even thought of. With staff across multiple offices, we have many different personalities and a wide range of knowledge & experience. How do you train Tom (the dinosaur), Dick (the robot) and Margaret (the astronaut) in the art of Implementation? All of these people are important. When playing BIM Top Trumps, you need a mixed deck. There is no perfect BIM person, those are UNICORNS; they don’t exist. But by implementing an approachable, varied training strategy you can power-up ALL staff and use BIM biscuits to Fuel Your BIM.

  • Content: personality types and characters, inclusion & refusal challenges
  • Outcomes: modelling improvement and cracking IFC import manipulation
  • Case study: Dick was going to leave the industry, but decided to stay
  • Visual learners – BIM maps – a diagrammatic BEP
  • Colour coding subcontractor packages – a BIM free project pushing technology
  • Growing knowledge naturally, like yoghurt

Shifting the mindset: as Margaret Hamilton said “The ultimate goal would be teaching one how to think”. Everyone has a place and a role in this changing industry. Training has a massive return on investment in staff progression up the BIM wedge. Everyone moves forward, and the ‘out there’ thinking can get real practical grounding and gain traction. And it’s all fuelled by biscuits!”

COBieNATOR 2: Validation Day Who: Rob Jackson (Associate Director) When: Day 1 – 16:00 in the Data stream So the third session is the sequel to ‘The COBieNATOR: Rise of Industry Foundation Classes’ (which won best class at BIM Show Live in 2014). The synopsis is as follows: “In 2014 a Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 COBieNATOR arrived in London, England at BIM Show Live to educate those attending about how creating the UK Government’s BIM Level 2 data deliverable (COBie), really was straightforward once you understood how. The war against open standards continues in the future and from 2035 the war against closed standards continues and so a more advanced COBieNATOR has been sent back by the resistance to Newcastle, England to BIM Show Live 2018. However, unlike the previous COBieNATOR, this new breed of machine (and whilst looking very familiar!) has now been re-programmed to fight on a different side! He isn’t just focussed on COBie either but all open standards!! This upgraded model is an IM-1000, an advanced prototype made out of mimetic poly-alloy and is now built to assess your models rather than to show you how to build them. This COBieNATOR will stop at nothing to make your models comply, with one simple aim, to deliver reusable and reliable structured data that can be used throughout the whole lifecycle of projects by all project participants. This cyborg is here to validate and verify your models and ensure that open standards succeed for the long term and that he can change the future for the better.” Like the original presentation, the presentation has a light hearted theme but it has a very important message. We have seen that whilst many claim to deliver COBie, most of the COBie files we see are far from compliant. This session aims to show you how we have developed model checking (validation and verification) processes for real life projects to ensure robust delivery of data. This includes for projects at the University of Cambridge where Bond Bryan Digital are acting as Information Manager (up to the end of RIBA Stage 3) for the Cavendish III Laboratories and Shared Facilities Hub. The presentation is more than just about simply producing valid COBie though and also includes how we aim to check against many other national and international standards. The processes we have and continue to develop are all built around open standards so whilst this presentation will use Solibri Model Checker as the demonstration tool, the same processes can be transferred to other tools if required.

See you at BIM Show Live? We hope to see you in Newcastle at the Boiler House on Wednesday February 28th and Thursday March 1st 2018. For more information on BIM Show Live see here: http://www.bimshowlive.co.uk or follow news about the event @BIMShowLive. Note: The early bird rate ends this Sunday December 31st 2018, so get signed up quick to get the cheaper rate!

Rob Jackson, Director, Bond Bryan Digital Ltd    

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