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What we do?

Createmaster Information Management (formerly Bond Bryan Digital) are an industry-leading consultancy, offering information management, clash detection and building information modelling (BIM) consultancy services to clients, contractors, consultants and others in the construction industry. Our unique approach promises a clearer, more robust and standardised process that benefits all involved, from inception, through design and construction phases and into the use phase of assets.

Our team have been at the forefront of the UK revolution of building information modelling (BIM) for the past ten years, using our collective wealth of experience and expertise to guide the AECO (Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operations) sector on its journey to a digitally integrated future.



Why Createmaster Information Management?

For us the term BIM (Building Information Modelling) has become synonymous with technology and suggests it is only about buildings and models. We recognise BIM offers much more than this and is about the information for all types of built assets. So we prefer to think of BIM as an acronym that stands for “Better Information Management”. The definition and management of the information is the key part and aims to provide a clearer more robust and standardised process that benefits all parties involved in design, construction and maintenance of a built asset.

As a team we have experience of authoring models and been at the forefront of the UK BIM revolution over the past 10 years. This includes our involvement with the publications of two books on COBie which were co-authored with the inventor of COBie, Bill East. We have won a number of awards including Best BIM Project four times at the Construction Computing Awards.

We are on the committees for both the British Standards Institute (BSI) BIM standards development and buildingSMART UK&I (the international home of OpenBIM). We are involved in the Government and Industry Interoperability Group (GIIG) which is looking to promote and move forward the OpenBIM agenda. We are also ambassadors for the UK BIM Alliance and thinkBIM at Leeds Beckett University and write an award winning blog.

Our History

Our history can be traced back to 1992 when Bond Bryan Architects Ltd first purchased our BIM authoring tool. Since 2005 the practice implemented BIM workflows and from 2007 began to implement OpenBIM workflows. Over the years we committed significant time to developing internal processes that aligned to national and international standards and allowed us to improve how we shared information with clients.

Our journey led to Bond Bryan Digital being established as a brand of Bond Bryan Architects Ltd in March 2016. Since then, we have built a leading-edge consultancy that is recognised globally as thought leaders in the areas of Information Management and BIM, particularly with respect to OpenBIM workflows.

In December 2021, Bond Bryan Digital became a limited company and was adopted into the BuildData group to deliver a family of companies which help stakeholders derive meaningful value from construction and asset information throughout the entire building lifecycle.

Our Approach

Our approach is built around a number of key principles which ensure we manage information effectively for the commissions we are involved in and the teams we partner with.



Cohesion between our clients and other team members makes for a smooth process which gets the most out of digital workflows.



Our extensive information-checking rules, along with robust processes, create the best quality models and data possible.



Not only are our processes aligned with national and international standards, we help to write them as part of our involvement with the
BSI B/555 Committee, GIIG and the development of guidance to support the implementation of the UK BIM Framework.



We take information security seriously and assume a certain level of base security requirements, irrespective of our client’s specification. For cloud-based solutions outside the scope of accreditation, we review security arrangements to ensure they meet our requirements.


Open BIM

Technology relies on exchanging information as much as people do. That’s why we are passionate advocates for open standards which allows all parties to use the software of their choice from IFC to COBie.



No craftsperson is complete without their tools. We know and understand our tools intimately, allowing us to create optimised processes for the technology being used on our projects.


Research and Development

The construction industry is still in its digital infancy. Our extensive research is unlocking innovative, smarter ways to deliver better information.



For information requirements to be thoroughly satisfied we need to not only set out robust information requirements, but we need to consider how information will be delivered. By thinking about the connection between requirements and delivery we can develop more automated processes that offer a smarter approach to making sure clients receive the information they asked for.

Our Awards

The Bond Bryan Digital team have won the following awards to date:




Digital Construction Awards 2023

Digital Consultancy of the Year — Winner

buildingSMART International Awards 2022

Design for Buildings, Department for Education: Gen Zero — Winner

Construction Computing Awards 2021

Best BIM Project, Information Hub Gen Zero — Winner

Building Innovation Awards 2021

Most Innovative Consultancy — Highly Commended

BIM Show Live 2020 – Best Class at the BIMMYs

Best Class at the BIMMYs — ‘Better Information Management (BIM) for Good – Part 1: Concepts and Principles’ – Winner

Building Innovation Awards 2019

Most Innovative Consultancy — Winner

Construction Computing Awards 2018

Best BIM Project — Shortlisted

Construction Computing Awards 2017

Best BIM Project, Lego Architecture Meets BIM — Winner

Construction Computing Awards 2016

Best BIM Project, East Dormitory — Winner

Construction Computing Awards 2015

Best BIM Project, Bradford College — Winner

RICS BIM4SME Awards 2015

Best BIM Blog — Winner

RICS BIM4SME Awards 2015

Best BIM Project, Bradford College and beyond — OpenBIM Research and Development – Winner

buildingSMART International ‘Heroes of Interoperability’ 2014

SME Category, Bradford College — High Commended

BIM Show Live 2014

Best Class at the BIMMYs, ‘The COBieNATOR’ — Winner


The Bond Bryan Digital team have been involved in the judging of the following awards:

BIM Show Live Awards 2020

BuildingSMART International awards 2019

BIM Show Live Awards 2019

BIM Show Live Awards 2018


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