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16 Sep 2015

IFC 2×3 element and type classification – The plain language A-Z list


I’m often asked how to classify certain elements in Graphisoft ARCHICAD for IFC exchange. To many IFC is a weird language that has little to do with everyday language. Many of our classifications are preset up in our ARCHICAD templates but there are always instances where a user needs to manually classify an element. So we thought it would be useful to develop a list to assist model authors understand how to classify model elements against the IFC schema. In fact i’ve been meaning to do this for a long time. Of course in the spirit of OPEN BIM we also decided to share this list.

The list should benefit model authors irrespective of authoring tools used. It should also be useful for those using models downstream for other purposes. This is a live resource which we will add to and develop as required but it is shared in good faith in order to provide greater consistency to how models are constructed in an open manner.

This list is provided for version IFC2x3 and it should be noted that classification will vary with future versions.


The A-Z of IFC 2×3 classification


Access Ladder IfcBuildingElementProxy > IfcBuildingElementProxyType YES
Access Lanyard IfcBuildingElementProxy > IfcBuildingElementProxyType YES
Access Scaffold IfcBuildingElementProxy > IfcBuildingElementProxyType YES
Actuator > IfcDistributionControlElement > IfcActuatorType YES
Air Conditioning Unit > IfcEnergyConversionDevice > IfcUnitaryEquipmentType AIRCONDITIONINGUNIT YES
Air Handler > IfcEnergyConversionDeviceIfcUnitaryEquipmentType AIRHANDLER YES
Air Handling Unit (AHU) IfcEnergyConversionDevice > IfcUnitaryEquipmentType AIRHANDLER YES
Air Terminal > IfcFlowTerminalIfcAirTerminalTypeYES
Air Terminal Box > IfcDistributionFlowElement > IfcAirTerminalBoxType YES
Air To Air Heat Recovery > IfcEnergyConversionDevice > IfcAirToAirHeatRecoveryType YES
Alarm IfcDistributionControlElement > IfcAlarmType YES
Ammeter > IfcDistributionControlElementIfcFlowInstrumentType AMMETER YES
Anchor Bolt > IfcDiscreteAccessory > IfcDiscreteAccessoryType YES
Area > IfcSpace > IfcSpaceType YES
Audio Visual Outlet > IfcFlowTerminalIfcOutletType AUDIOVISUALOUTLET YES
Automatic Door IfcDoorIfcDoorStyle YES


Balustrade > IfcRailingIfcRailingType BALUSTRADE NO
Baseboard IfcCovering * > IfcCoveringType NO
Baseboard Heater > IfcEnergyConversionDevice > IfcSpaceHeaterType BASEBOARDHEATER YES
Base Slab > IfcSlab BASESLAB > IfcSlabType BASESLAB NO
Bath > IfcFlowTerminal > IfcSanitaryTerminalType BATH YES
Battery > IfcEnergyConversionDeviceIfcElectricFlowStorageDeviceType BATTERY YES
Beam > IfcBeam > IfcBeamType NO
Bell > IfcDistributionControlElementIfcAlarmType BELL YES
BMS Control IfcDistributionControlElement > IfcControllerType * YES
Boiler > IfcEnergyConversionDevice > IfcBoilerType * YES
Bolt > IfcMechanicalFastenerIfcMechanicalFastenerType NO
Brace IfcMember > IfcMemberType BRACE NO
Break Glass ButtonIfcDistributionControlElement > IfcAlarmType BREAKGLASSBUTTON YES
Breeching Inlet > IfcFlowTerminalIfcFireSuppressionTerminalType BREECHINGINLET YES
Building Services Accessories > IfcDiscreteAccessory > IfcDiscreteAccessoryType YES
Bulkhead > IfcWall > IfcWallType NO


Cable Carrier Fitting > IfcFlowFitting > IfcCableCarrierFittingType NO
Cable Carrier Segment > IfcFlowSegment > IfcCableCarrierSegmentType NO
Cable Ladder Segment Type > IfcFlowSegment > IfcCableSegmentType CABLELADDERSEGMENTYPE NO
Cable Segment > IfcFlowSegment > IfcCableSegmentType * NO
Cable Tray Segment > IfcFlowSegment > IfcCableSegmentType CABLETRAYSEGMENT NO
Cable Trunking Segment > IfcFlowSegment > IfcCableSegmentType CABLETRUNKINGSEGMENT NO
Ceiling > IfcCovering CEILINGIfcCoveringType CEILING YES
Chiller > IfcEnergyConversionDevice > IfcChillerType YES
Chimney > IfcBuildingElementProxy > IfcBuildingElementProxyType YES
Chord > IfcMember IfcMemberType CHORD NO
Circuit Breaker > IfcFlowControllerIfcProtectiveDeviceType CIRCUITBREAKER YES
Cistern > IfcFlowTerminal > IfcSanitaryTerminalType CISTERN YES
Cladding > IfcCovering CLADDING > IfcCoveringType CLADDING YES
CO2 Sensor > IfcDistributionControlElement > IfcSensorType C02SENSOR YES
Coil > > IfcEnergyConversionDevice > IfcCoilType YES
Collar > IfcMember IfcMemberType COLLAR NO
Column > IfcColumn > IfcColumnType NO
Communications Devices IfcFlowTerminal > IfcOutletType COMMUNICATIONSOUTLET YES
Communications Outlet > IfcFlowTerminalIfcOutletType COMMUNICATIONSOUTLET YES
Compressor IfcFlowMovingDevice IfcCompressorType YES
Compressor Filter > IfcFlowTreatmentDevice > IfcFilterType * YES
Compressor Valve IfcFlowController > IfcValveType YES
Computer > IfcFlowTerminal IfcElectricApplianceType COMPUTER YES
Condenser > > IfcEnergyConversionDevice > IfcCondenserType YES
Conduit Segment > IfcFlowSegmentIfcCableSegmentType CONDUITSEGMENT NO
Controller > IfcDistributionControlElementIfcControllerTypeYES
Convector > IfcEnergyConversionDeviceIfcSpaceHeaterType CONVECTOR YES
Cooled Beam > IfcEnergyConversionDevice > IfcCooledBeamTypeYES
Cooling Tower IfcEnergyConversionDevice > IfcCoolingTowerType YES
Corbels (as separate elements) > IfcDiscreteAccessory > IfcDiscreteAccessoryType YES
Covering > IfcCovering * > IfcCoveringType * NO
Cowl > IfcFlowTerminalIfcStackTerminalType COWL YES
Curtain Wall > IfcCurtainWall > IfcCurtainWallType NO
Curtain Wall Panel > IfcPlateIfcPlateType CURTAIN_PANEL NO
Curtain Wall SystemIfcCurtainWall > IfcCurtainWallType NO


Damper > IfcFlowControllerIfcDamperTypeYES
Data Device IfcFlowTerminal > IfcOutletType YES
Direct Water Heater > IfcFlowTerminal IfcElectricApplianceType DIRECTWATERHEATER YES
Discrete Accessory > IfcDiscreteAccessory > IfcDiscreteAccessoryType YES
Dishwasher > IfcFlowTerminal IfcElectricApplianceType DISHWASHER YES
Distribution Chamber Element > IfcDistributionChamberElement > IfcDistributionChamberElementType * YES
Distribution Control Element > IfcDistributionControlElementIfcDistributionControlElementType YES
Distribution Element > IfcDistributionElementIfcDistributionElementType YES
Distribution Flow Element > IfcDistributionElementIfcDistributionFlowElementType YES
Door > IfcDoor> IfcDoorStyle YES
Drainage Pump IfcFlowMovingDevice > IfcPumpType * YES
Duct IfcFlowSegment > IfcDuctSegmentType NO
Duct Accessory IfcFlowFitting > IfcDuctFittingType NO
Duct Fitting > IfcFlowFitting > IfcDuctFittingType NO
Duct Insulation > IfcCovering > IfcCoveringType INSULATION YES
Duct Lining > IfcCovering > IfcCoveringType INSULATION YES
Duct Segment > IfcFlowSegment > IfcDuctSegmentType NO
Duct Silencer > IfcFlowTreatmentDeviceIfcDuctSilencer YES


Earth Failure Device > IfcDistributionControlIfcProtectiveDeviceType EARTHFAILUREDEVICE YES
Electrical Accessories (for precast concrete elements) > IfcDiscreteAccessory > IfcDiscreteAccessoryType YES
Electric Appliance > IfcFlowTerminalIfcElectricApplianceTypeYES
Electric Cooker > IfcFlowTerminal IfcElectricApplianceType ELECTRICCOOKER YES
Electric Door IfcDoorIfcDoorStyle YES
Electric Earthing IfcDistributionFlowElement > IfcProtectiveDeviceType * YES
Electric Flow Storage Device > IfcFlowStorageDeviceIfcElectricFlowStorageDeviceTypeYES
Electric Generator > IfcEnergyConversionDeviceIfcElectricGeneratorTypeYES
Electric Heater > IfcFlowTerminalIfcElectricHeaterTypeYES
Electric Heater (Appliance) > IfcFlowTerminal IfcElectricApplianceType ELECTRICHEATER YES
Electric Meter > IfcDistributionFlowElementIfcFlowMeterType ELECTRICMETER YES
Electric Motor > IfcEnergyConversionDeviceIfcElectricMotorTypeYES
Electric Time Control > IfcDistributionControlElementIfcElectricTimeControlTypeYES
Elevator > IfcTransportElement ELEVATORIfcTransportElementType ELEVATOR YES
Energy Conversion Device > IfcEnergyConversionDeviceTypeYES
Energy Meter > IfcFlowControllerIfcFlowMeterType ENERGYMETER YES
Escalator IfcTransportElement ESCALATOR > IfcTransportElementType ESCALATOR YES
Extract Fan IfcFlowMovingDevice > IfcFanType YES
Evaporative Cooler > IfcEnergyConversionDeviceIfcEvaporativeCoolerType YES
Evaporator > IfcEnergyConversionDevice > IfcEvaporatorTypeYES


Facsimile > IfcFlowTerminal > IfcElectricApplianceType FACSIMILIE YES
Fan > IfcFlowMovingDevice > IfcFanType YES
Fastener > IfcFastenerIfcFastenerType NO
Filter > IfcFlowTreatmentDeviceIfcFilterType * YES
Fire Alarm IfcDistributionControlElement > IfcSensorType FIRESENSOR YES
Fire Alarm Device > IfcDistributionControlElementIfcSensorType FIRESENSOR YES
Fire Damper > IfcFlowControllerIfcDamperType FIREDAMPER YES
Fire Dry Riser > IfcFlowTerminal IfcFireSuppressionTerminalType * YES
Fire Hydrant > IfcFlowTerminalIfcFireSuppressionTerminalType FIREHYDRANT YES

Fire Sensor > IfcDistributionControlElementIfcSensorType FIRESENSOR YES
Fire Suppression Terminal > IfcFlowTerminalIfcFireSuppressionTerminalType * YES
Fire and Smoke Damper > IfcFlowControllerIfcDamperType FIRESMOKEDAMPER YES
Fixing Parts > IfcDiscreteAccessory > IfcDiscreteAccessoryType YES
Floor > IfcSlab FLOOR > IfcSlabType FLOOR NO
Flooring > IfcCovering FLOORINGIfcCoveringType FLOORING YES
Flow Controller > IfcFlowControllerIfcFlowControllerType YES
Flow Fitting > IfcFlowFittingIfcFlowFittingType NO
Flow Instrument > IfcDistributionControlElementIfcFlowInstrumentTypeYES
Flow Meter > IfcFlowControllerIfcFlowMeterType * YES
Flow Moving Device > IfcFlowMovingDeviceIfcFlowMovingDeviceType YES
Flow Segment > IfcFlowSegment > IfcFlowSegmentType NO
Flow Storage Device > IfcFlowStorageDeviceIfcFlowStorageDeviceType YES
Flow Terminal > IfcFlowTerminalIfcFlowTerminalType YES
Floor Trap > IfcFlowTerminalIfcWasteTerminalType FLOORTRAP YES
Flow Treatment Device > IfcFlowTreatmentDeviceIfcFlowTreatmentDeviceType YES
Floor Waste > IfcFlowTerminal > IfcWasteTerminalType FLOORWASTE YES
Flow Meter > IfcDistributionFlowElementIfcFlowMeterType FLOWMETER YES
Flow Sensor > IfcDistributionControlElementIfcSensorType FLOWSENSOR YES
Footing > IfcFooting > n/a NO
Footing Beam > IfcFooting FOOTING_BEAM > n/a NO
Formed Duct > IfcDistributionChamberElementIfcDistributionChamberElementType FORMEDDUCT YES
Foundation > IfcFooting > n/a NO
Freestanding Fan > IfcFlowTerminal IfcElectricApplianceType FREESTANDINGFAN YES
Freezer > IfcFlowTerminalIfcElectricApplianceType FREEZER YES
Frequency Meter > IfcDistributionControlElementIfcFlowInstrumentType FREQUENCYMETER YES
Fridge Freezer > IfcFlowTerminal > IfcElectricApplianceType FRIDGE_FREEZER YES
Fume Hood Exhaust > IfcFlowControllerIfcDamperType FUMEHOODEXHAUST YES
Furniture > IfcFurnishingElement > IfcFurnitureType YES
Furniture Element > IfcFurnishingElement > IfcFurnishingElementType YES
Furniture System > IfcFurnishingElement > IfcSystemFurnitureElementType YES


Gas Alarm IfcDistributionControlElement > IfcAlarmType YES
Gas Appliance > IfcFlowTerminal > IfcGasTerminalType GASAPPLIANCE YES
Gas Boiler IfcEnergyConversionDevice > IfcBoilerType YES
Gas Booster > IfcFlowTerminal > IfcGasTerminalType GASBOOSTER YES
Gas Burner > IfcFlowTerminal > IfcGasTerminalType GASBURNER YES
Gas Cooker IfcFlowTerminal > IfcGasTerminalType GASAPPLIANCE YES
Gas Fire IfcFlowTerminal > IfcGasTerminalType * YES
Gas Hob IfcFlowTerminal > IfcGasTerminalType GASAPPLIANCE YES
Gas Sensor > IfcDistributionControlElement > IfcSensorType GASSENSOR YES
Gas TerminalIfcFlowTerminal > IfcGasTerminalTypeYES
Gas Valve IfcFlowController > IfcValveType YES
Glazed Screen > IfcWindow > IfcWindowStyle YES
Glue > IfcFastener > IfcFastenerType NO
Grease Interceptor IfcFlowTerminal IfcWasteTerminalType GREASEINTERCEPTOR YES
Grid > IfcGrid NO
Guardrail > IfcRailingIfcRailingType GUARDRAIL NO
Gully Sump > IfcFlowTerminal IfcWasteTerminalType GULLYSUMP YES
Gully Trap > IfcFlowTerminal IfcWasteTerminalType GULLYTRAP YES
Gutter > IfcFlowSegmentIfcPipeSegmentType GUTTER NO


H&V AHU IfcEnergyConversionDevice > IfcUnitaryEquipmentType AIRHANDLER YES
H&V Extract Fan IfcFlowMovingDevice > IfcFanType YES
H&V Fan IfcFlowMovingDevice > IfcFanType YES
H&V Filter IfcFlowTreatmentDevice > IfcFilterType * YES
H&V Radiator IfcEnergyConversionDevice > IfcSpaceHeaterType * YES
Hand Dryer > IfcFlowTerminal > IfcElectricApplianceType HANDDRYER YES
Handrail > IfcRailingIfcRailingType HANDRAIL NO
Heat Exchanger > IfcEnergyConversionDeviceIfcHeatExchangerTypeYES
Heat Sensor > IfcDistributionControlElementIfcSensorType HEATSENSOR YES
Hose Reel > IfcFlowTerminalIfcFireSuppressionTerminalType HOSEREEL YES
Hot Water Pump IfcFlowMovingDevice > IfcPumpType * YES
Humidifier > IfcEnergyConversionDeviceIfcHumidifierTypeYES
Humidity Sensor > IfcDistributionControlElementIfcSensorType HUMIDITYSENSOR YES


Indirect Water Heater > IfcFlowTerminal IfcElectricApplianceType INDIRECTWATERHEATER YES
Inspection ChamberIfcDistributionChamberElement IfcDistributionChamberElementType INSPECTIONCHAMBER YES
Inspection Pit > IfcDistributionChamberElementIfcDistributionChamberElementType INSPECTIONPIT YES
InsulationIfcCovering INSULATION IfcCoveringType INSULATION YES


Joint Accessories > IfcDiscreteAccessory > IfcDiscreteAccessoryType YES
Jointing Mortar > IfcFastenerIfcFastenerType NO
Joist > IfcBeam > IfcBeamType JOIST NO
Junction Box > IfcFlowFittingIfcJunctionBoxTypeNO


Kitchen Extract IfcFlowController > IfcDamperType FUMEHOODEXHAUST YES


Lamp > IfcFlowTerminalIfcLampTypeYES
Landing > IfcSlab LANDINGIfcSlabType LANDING NO
Lift IfcTransportElement ELEVATOR > IfcTransportElementType ELEVATOR YES
Lifting Accessories > IfcDiscreteAccessory > IfcDiscreteAccessoryType YES
Light Fixture > IfcFlowTerminalIfcLightFixtureTypeYES
Light SensorIfcDistributionControlElement > IfcSensorType LIGHTSENSOR YES
Lintel >  IfcBeam > IfcBeamType LINTEL YES


Manhole > IfcDistributionChamberElementIfcDistributionChamberElementType MANHOLE YES
Mechanical Fastener > IfcMechanicalFastener > IfcMechanicalFastenerType NO
Member > IfcMember IfcMemberType MEMBER NO
Membrane > IfcCovering MEMBRANEIfcCoveringType MEMBRANE NO
Meter Chamber > IfcDistributionChamberElementIfcDistributionChamberElementType METERCHAMBER YES
Microwave > IfcFlowTerminal IfcElectricApplianceType MICROWAVE YES
Mixing Valve IfcFlowController > IfcValveType MIXING YES
Moisture Sensor > IfcDistributionControlElement > IfcSensorType MOISTURESENSOR YES
Motor Connection > IfcEnergyConversionDeviceIfcMotorConnectionTypeYES
Moulding IfcCovering * > IfcCoveringTypeNO
Movement SensorIfcDistributionControlElement > IfcSensorType MOVEMENTSENSOR YES
Moving Walkway > IfcTranportElement MOVINGWALKWAYIfcTransportElementType MOVINGWALKWAY YES
Mullion IfcMember >IfcMemberType MULLION NO


Nail > IfcMechanicalFastener > IfcMechanicalFastenerType NO
Nurse Call DeviceIfcFlowController > IfcSwitchingDeviceType YES
Nut > IfcMechanicalFastener > IfcMechanicalFastenerType NO


Oil Alarm IfcDistributionControlElement > IfcAlarmType YES
Oil Boiler IfcEnergyConversionDevice > IfcBoilerType YES
Oil Interceptor > IfcFlowTerminal IfcWasteTerminalType OILINTERCEPTOR YES
Oil Meter > IfcFlowControllerIfcFlowMeterType OILMETER YES
Oil Pump IfcFlowMovingDevice > IfcPumpType * YES
Oil Tank > IfcFlowStorageDevice IfcTankType YES
Other > IfcBuildingElementProxy > IfcBuildingElementProxyType YES
Outlet > IfcFlowTerminalIfcOutletType YES


Petrol Interceptor > IfcFlowTerminal IfcWasteTerminalType PETROLINTERCEPTOR YES
Phase Angle Meter > IfcDistributionControlElementIfcFlowInstrumentType PHASEANGLEMETER YES
Photocopier > IfcFlowTerminal IfcElectricApplianceType PHOTOCOPIER YES
Pile > IfcPile > n/a NO
Pile Cap > IfcFooting PILE_CAP NO
Pipe Fitting > IfcFlowFitting > IfcPipeFittingType * NO
Pipe Insulation >IfcCovering INSULATION IfcCoveringType INSULATION NO
Pipe Segment > IfcFlowSegment > IfcPipeSegmentType * NO
Pipe Segment (Flexible) > IfcFlowSegment > IfcPipeSegmentType FLEXIBLESEGMENT NO
Pipe Segment (Rigid) > IfcFlowSegment > IfcPipeSegmentType RIGIDSEGMENT NO
Planting > IfcBuildingElementProxy > IfcBuildingElementProxyType YES
Plate > IfcPlateIfcPlateType * or IfcMember > IfcMemberType PLATE NO
Plumbing Fixture IfcFlowTerminal > IfcSanitaryTerminalType * YES
Plumbing Wall > IfcWallIfcWallType PLUMBINGWALL NO
Post IfcMember > IfcMemberType POST NO
Power Factor Meter > IfcDistributionControlElement > IfcFlowInstrumentType POWERFACTORMETER YES
Power Outlet > IfcFlowTerminalIfcOutletType POWEROUTLET YES
Pressure Gauge > IfcDistributionControlElementIfcFlowInstrumentType PRESSUREGAUGE YES
Pressure Sensor > IfcDistributionControlElementIfcSensorType PRESSURESENSOR YES
Protective DeviceIfcDistributionFlowElementIfcProtectiveDeviceTypeYES
Pump > IfcFlowMovingDevice > IfcPumpTypeYES
Purlin > IfcMember IfcMemberType PURLIN NO
Printer > IfcFlowTerminal IfcElectricApplianceType PRINTER YES


Radiant Heater > IfcFlowTerminal IfcElectricApplianceType RADIANTHEATER YES
Radiator > IfcEnergyConversionDeviceIfcSpaceHeaterTypeYES
Rafter > IfcMember IfcMemberType RAFTER NO
Railing > IfcRailingIfcRailingType * NO
Rainwater Downpipe > IfcFlowTerminalIfcStackTerminalType RAINWATERHOPPER YES
Rainwater Hopper > IfcFlowTerminalIfcStackTerminalType YES
Ramp > IfcRamp * > n/a NO
Ramp Flight > IfcRampFlightIfcRampFlightType * NO
Refrigerator > IfcFlowTerminal IfcElectricApplianceType REFRIGERATOR YES
Reinforcing Bar > IfcReinforcingBar > n/a NO
Reinforcing Mesh IfcReinforcingMesh > n/a NO
Relay > IfcDistributionFlowElementIfcElectricTimeControlType RELAY YES
Residual Current Circuit Breaker IfcDistributionFlowElement > IfcProtectiveDeviceType RESIDUALCURRENTCIRCUITBREAKER YES
Residual Current Switch > IfcDistributionFlowElementIfcProtectiveDeviceType RESIDUALCURRENTSWITCH YES
Rivet > IfcMechanicalFastener > IfcMechanicalFastenerType NO
RoadIfcBuildingElementProxy > IfcBuildingElementProxyType YES?
Roof > IfcSlab ROOF > IfcSlabType ROOF NO
Roof Drain > IfcFlowTerminal IfcWasteTerminalType ROOFDRAIN YES
Roofing > IfcCovering > IfcCoveringType ROOFING NO
Rooflight > IfcWindow > IfcWindowStyle YES
Roof Top Unit > IfcEnergyConversionDeviceIfcUnitaryEquipmentType ROOFTOPUNIT YES
Room IfcSpace > IfcSpaceType YES


Sanitary Fixture IfcFlowTerminal > IfcSanitaryTerminalType YES
Sanitary Fountain > IfcFlowTerminal > IfcSanitaryTerminalType SANITARYFOUNTAIN YES
Sanitary Terminal > IfcFlowTerminalIfcSanitaryTerminalType YES
Scanner > IfcFlowTerminal IfcElectricApplianceType SCANNER YES
Screw IfcMechanicalFastener > IfcMechanicalFastenerType NO
Security Alarm IfcDistributionControlElement > IfcAlarmType YES
Security CCTV IfcFlowTerminal > IfcElectricApplianceType * YES
Security Entry IfcFlowTerminal > IfcElectricApplianceType * YES
SensorIfcDistributionControlElement > IfcSensorType * YES
Shear Wall > IfcWallIfcWallType SHEAR NO
Shading Device > IfcDiscreteAccessory > IfcDiscreteAccessoryType YES
Sheet > IfcPlateIfcPlateType SHEET NO
Shower > IfcFlowTerminal > IfcSanitaryTerminalType SHOWER YES
Site GeometryIfcBuildingElementProxy > IfcBuildingElementProxyType YES?
Sink > IfcFlowTerminalIfcSanitaryTerminalType SINK YES
Siren > IfcDistributionControlElementIfcAlarmType SIREN YES
Skirting Board > IfcCovering * > IfcCoveringType NO
Skirting Board Heater > IfcEnergyConversionDevice > IfcSpaceHeaterType BASEBOARDHEATER YES
Skylight > IfcWindow > IfcWindowStyleYES
Slab > IfcSlab > IfcSlabType NO
Sleeving > IfcCovering SLEEVING IfcCoveringType SLEEVING YES
Smoke Damper > IfcDistributionFlowElementIfcDamperType SMOKEDAMPER YES
Smoke SensorIfcDistributionControlElement > IfcSensorType SMOKESENSOR YES
Sound SensorIfcDistributionControlElement > IfcSensorType SOUNDSENSOR YES
Space > IfcSpace > IfcSpaceType YES
Space Heater > IfcEnergyConversionDeviceIfcSpaceHeaterTypeYES
Split System > IfcEnergyConversionDevice > IfcUnitaryEquipmentType AIRHANDLER YES
Spool > IfcFlowSegmentIfcPipeSegmentType SPOOL YES
Sprinkler >IfcFlowTerminalIfcFireSuppressionTerminalType SPRINKLER YES
Stack Terminal > IfcFlowTerminalIfcStackTerminalTypeYES
Stair > IfcStair * > n/a NO
Stair Flight > IfcStairFlight > IfcStairFlightType NO
Steam Boiler IfcEnergyConversionDevice > IfcBoilerType * YES
Steam Valve IfcFlowController > IfcValveType YES
Stringer > IfcMember IfcMemberType STRINGER NO
Strip Footing > IfcFooting STRIP_FOOTING YES
Structural Beam System IfcBeam > IfcBeamType NO
Structural Column IfcColumn > IfcColumnType NO
Structural Foundation IfcFooting > n/a NO
Structural Framing IfcBeam > IfcBeamType NO
Structural Path Reinforcement IfcReinforcingBar > n/a  NO
Structural Truss IfcBeam > IfcBeamTypeNO
Strut > IfcMember IfcMemberType STRUT NO
Stud > IfcMember IfcMemberType STUD NO
Sump > IfcDistributionChamberElementIfcDistributionChamberElementType SUMP YES
Switching Device > IfcFlowControllerIfcSwitchingDeviceTypeYES
System Furniture Element > IfcFurnishingElementIfcSystemFurnitureElementType YES


T-Beam >  IfcBeam > IfcBeamType T_BEAM NO
Tank > IfcFlowStorageDeviceIfcTankType YES
Telephone > IfcFlowTerminal IfcElectricApplianceType TELEPHONE YES
Telephone Device IfcFlowTerminal IfcElectricApplianceType TELEPHONE YES
Temperature Sensor > IfcDistributionControlElement > IfcSensorType TEMPERATURESENSOR YES
Tendon > IfcTendon > n/a NO
Tendon Anchor > IfcTendonAnchor > n/a NO
Thermal Mix Valve IfcFlowController > IfcValveType MIXING YES
Thermometer >IfcDistributionControlElement IfcFlowInstrumentType THERMOMETER YES
Time Clock > IfcDistributionFlowElementIfcElectricTimeControlType TIMECLOCK YES
Time DelayIfcDistributionFlowElement IfcElectricTimeControlType TIMEDELAY YES
Toilet Pan > IfcFlowTerminal > IfcSanitaryTerminalType TOILETPAN YES
Tools Hoist IfcFlowTerminal > IfcElectricApplianceType * YES
Topography > IfcBuildingElementProxy > IfcBuildingElementProxyType YES?
Transformer > > IfcEnergyConversionDevice > IfcTransformerType YES
Transport Element > IfcTransportElement * > IfcTransportElementType YES
Tree > IfcBuildingElementProxy > IfcBuildingElementProxyType YES?
Trench > IfcDistributionChamberElementIfcDistributionChamberElementType TRENCH YES
Tube Bundle > IfcEnergyConversionDevice > IfcTubeBundleType YES
Tumble Dryer > IfcFlowTerminal IfcElectricApplianceType TUMBLEDRYER YES
TV > IfcFlowTerminal IfcElectricApplianceType TV YES


Unitary Equipment > IfcEnergyConversionDeviceIfcUnitaryEquipmentType * YES
Urinal > IfcFlowTerminal > IfcSanitaryTerminalType URINAL YES


Vacuum Pump IfcFlowMovingDevice > IfcPumpType * YES
Valve > IfcFlowController > IfcValveType YES
Valve Chamber > IfcDistributionChamberElementIfcDistributionChamberElementType VALVECHAMBER YES
Varistor > IfcFlowControllerIfcProtectiveDeviceType VARISTOR YES
Vending Machine > IfcFlowTerminal IfcElectricApplianceType VENDINGMACHINE YES
Vibration Isolator > IfcDiscreteAccessory > IfcVibrationIsolatorTypeNO
Voltmeter (Peak) > IfcDistributionControlElement > IfcFlowInstrumentType VOLTMETER_PEAK YES
Voltmeter (RMS) > IfcDistributionControlElement > IfcFlowInstrumentType VOLTMETER_RMS YES


Wall > IfcWallIfcWallType * NO
Washer IfcMechanicalFastener > IfcMechanicalFastenerType NO
Wash Hand Basin > IfcFlowTerminal > IfcSanitaryTerminalType WASHHANDBASIN YES
Washing Machine > IfcFlowTerminal IfcElectricApplianceType WASHINGMACHINE YES
Waste Disposal Unit > IfcFlowTerminal IfcWasteTerminalType WASTEDISPOSALUNIT YES
Waste Terminal > IfcFlowTerminal > IfcWasteTerminalTypeYES
Waste Trap > IfcFlowTerminal IfcWasteTerminalType WASTETRAP YES
Water Boiler IfcEnergyConversionDevice > IfcBoilerType YES
Water Cooler > IfcFlowTerminal IfcElectricApplianceType WATERCOOLER YES
Water Heater > IfcFlowTerminal IfcElectricApplianceType WATERHEATER YES
Water Meter > IfcFlowControllerIfcFlowMeterType WATERMETER YES
Water Pump IfcFlowMovingDevice > IfcPumpType * YES
Water Tank > IfcFlowStorageDevice > IfcTankType YES
WC Seat > IfcFlowTerminal > IfcSanitaryTerminalType WCSEAT YES
Weld > IfcFastener > IfcFastenerType NO
Whistle > IfcDistributionControlElementIfcAlarmType WHISTLE YES
Window > IfcWindow > IfcWindowStyle * YES
Wrapping > IfcCovering WRAPPPINGIfcCoveringType WRAPPING YES

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Rob Jackson, Associate Director, Bond Bryan Architects


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