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16 Mar 2022

BIM Collaboration Format

This page includes useful links to sites that aid the understanding of BCF.

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Nottingham College, City Hub Project
09 Dec 2021

IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) – Part 08 – Exporting COBie using an IFC workflow from Autodesk Revit

Introduction By understanding the previous blogs in this series you should now have enough knowledge to export a good quality IFC and understand the importance of doing so. When I started testing these IFC workflows back in 2015 the catalyst was to export asset information as specified by the Construction-Operations Building information exchange (COBie) schema. […]

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IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) – Part 07
03 Sep 2021

IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) – Part 07 – IFC Exporter Settings and Modelling Workflows in Autodesk Revit

INTRODUCTION Welcome back everyone. It’s been awhile! ☺ The past six blogs were about implementing the structure of IFC within the functionality of Autodesk Revit and talking about IFC in its conceptual data model form. It’s now worth noting that we need to package up the data model so that it can be exchanged. IFC […]

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IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) – Part 06
19 Sep 2019

IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) – Part 06 – Layers and Classification in Autodesk Revit

Introduction Welcome back everyone ☺ I hope you’ve all had fun testing the workflows in the previous blog posts. As I’ve explained IFC provides a good basic method of structuring information, we should think of this as the default way which should be used across every project and every information management activity. In addition to […]

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IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) – Part 05
07 Mar 2019

IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) – Part 05 – IFC Properties in Autodesk Revit

In the last blog post we looked at IFC attributes which allows you to add certain basic information about IFC entities. However, we need to be able to add much more information (such as performance) to entities, to do this we use properties.

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IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) – Part 04
13 Dec 2018

IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) – Part 04 – IFC Attributes in Autodesk Revit

In blog post 01 we described what Attributes are and listed the four core ones: GlobalId OwnerHistory Name Description

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